Quality and the environment are important to us. We want to offer high quality products, to make manufacturing processes as sustainable as possible and to focus on the service and follow-up we provide to our customers.

Among other things, the Omega 3 oil we use is made of the highest quality Norwegian fish oil and both we and the Norwegian manufacturer are certified as “Friend of the Sea”, which means that the companies must comply with certain set requirements for sustainable production. Read more here: www.epax.com og www.friendofthesea.org

The supplements are produced on our behalf in the EU, with packaging and quality assessment processes carried out by us in Norway. We regularly send samples to ALS Laboratory group Norway AS to ensure the quality of our products. Our packaging is made in Norway and the EU. The packaging should be recycled as cardboard and plastic packaging respectively.

We are trying to reduce the use of plastic, but it is not easy to completely remove because plastic has many useful properties, especially when it comes to food production and packaging.

There are strict requirements for food production and storage of nutrients as supplements, and our manufacturers have failed to come up with a satisfactory alternative to the plastic film the daily portion is packed in. We are working to find a suitable alternative and are doing everything we can to reduce the use of plastic in our production. Until we find another solution, please be careful to always recycle the bag as plastic packaging.

Our product contains 30 bags each containing your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3. It may sound like a lot of plastic, but a monthly box (30 bags) contains only 14 grams of plastic, which is 50-70% less plastic than is used in a standard vitamin container. On top of this, our vitamin pack replaces many individual vitamins, mineral and omega 3 containers.