Why HealthPack?

There are many reasons to choose HealthPack as your source of daily vitamins. Below we have described some of these:

HealthPack daily package

“When I discovered HealthPack, I immediately wanted to give it a try. The high quality of the ingredients is especially important to me, but I also really like that the vitamins are packed in smart daily portions that are easy to carry. Simply an ingenious and practical solution, and now I wonder how I managed without it!”

Espen, Surveyor

“This is a product I highly recommend! I’ve been using HealthPack for months and find that I have more energy to cope with everyday life, and in addition, my nails and hair are growing at record speed.”

Fusi, 47 years old,, Single Dad and living a busy life.

“I’ve been taking HealthPack for just over two months, and I know it’s doing me good. My energy levels have gone up, and my sweet tooth has disappeared. I rarely have time to cook from scratch, and my diet consists of a lot of processed foods – so a nutritional supplement like this is extra important!”

Hallfridur, Social media specialist

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You can purchase HealthPack individually or as a subscription. The single package is perfect for a test or as a gift, while the subscriptions make your daily vitamin routine easier.

HealthPack covers all your daily needs of all 13 vitamins, 9 minerals and omega 3 and comes in smart day packages. Perfect when on the go! ...

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Always take your vitamins ...

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