Carefully selected ingredients and specially developed formulas

After 20 years of endless research and juggling countless vitamin boxes in the cupboard, we decided to find a better and easier solution.

It’s not so easy to find a multivitamin that contains everything you need and also has ingredients that are well absorbed by the body. Many products contain low quality ingredients and fillers. For example, most of the magnesium supplements sold in Europe contain magnesium oxide. The problem is that the body can only absorb a tiny amount of magnesium from this – in other words, you can eat lots of magnesium oxide supplements, without them having any particular effect.

Fewer side effects and higher efficacy

The reason why many supplement manufacturers choose to use inferior raw materials is because they are cheap. But when you have to multiply your intake to get the recommended amount, ask yourself if this isn’t a false economy for you as a customer. In addition, cheaper raw materials often have several side effects, which can cause stomach upset. The same goes for many other raw materials as well. But when we started contacting manufacturers, most of them thought it would not be profitable to remove these cheap ingredients – so in order to offer the best quality, we had to custom-make our own formulas in collaboration with international experts and one of the world’s best producers in the industry.

An insurance policy to complement your diet

We are used to hearing that a healthy and varied diet meets your body’s nutrients needs – which is absolutely true, if you have the time to make sure that your meals contain all the nutrients you need.

HealthPack is simply an easy way to insure yourself. You’ll be sure that you are covering your basic nutrients needs every day, even when you don’t have the time or are unable to plan your diet – and then of course it is great to eat healthy as well when you have the opportunity.

Time and again, research shows how important vitamins and minerals are for the body to be able to function optimally, and it is not without reason that the recommended doses are constantly being adjusted upwards. HealthPack makes sure you get all the vitamins, minerals and omega 3 you need – in the simplest way possible.

It is important for us to ensure that both our raw materials and production are of high quality and sustainable. The multivitamin tablets and magnesium capsules are produced exclusively for us, with carefully selected ingredients through Goerlich Pharma GmbH.

The Omega 3 capsules are Friend of the Sea certified, which means the fish oil only comes from sustainable fishing practices.